Terms and Conditions


Terms And Conditions

Mack Photography and Video

By booking us you agree to our terms and conditions

Payment must be made in full prior to wedding.

Clients must contact mack  photography and video for second meeting prior to wedding to confirm details and times. Unless  confirmation of the wedding is confirmed at least a week  and a second meeting is arranged  we will presume the wedding has been cancelled without notice.

Booking Fees are non -refundable

Clients must inform mack photographer of photos they want.This includes non standard wedding photos such as bag pipe player, chimney sweets,doves etc.Client must inform us where and when it is going to happen.

Mack photography and video can not be held responsible if restriction are imposed on the taking of photos or positions we photograph from by  person conducting service.


Mack photography and video can not be held responsible if restriction are imposed on the taking of video or positions we video from by persons conducting service.

Clients are responsible for any fee the church,temple ,place of worship,or venue the service is performed might charge.for allowing us to photograph or video the service.

Mack photography can not be held responsible for adverse weather condition.that may impact the photographing of the wedding.This includes heavy rain that will limit the taking of photographs out side and cause damage to our equipment.We can not be held responsible for equipment failure in otherwise well maintained equipment

Clients receive Video on a USB we no longer provide DVD


Legally photographers and videographers are not allowed to photograph or video the actual signing of the registry. However we will photograph and sign a mock signing of the registry

Video packages are standardised. Additional features to the standard wedding videos will be charged for.This includes adding photos,extra songs  and additional text.

Mistakes such as spelling  will be corrected free of charge.As will faulty USB if returned within a 28 day period from when client receives USB.

By booking us for video highlights .You agree to let our experienced and creative editors edit the video as they think best .In order to create the most watchable and beautiful video.

Changes to the song order or video order unless notified prior to editing are classed as amendments and will be charged for.

We longer make albums. We no longer  do full length video only video highlights. We will honour contracts for  full length video that has already be booked . We have stopped  taking booking for full length videos in  April 2020. Full length videos will be a max length of 1 hour

If clients cancel 6 months or less prior to date of the wedding the full amount is payable week before the date of the wedding specified on the contract

If  a wedding is postponed an alternate date can be rearranged at a suitable date mutually agreeable to the client and mack photography and video as long as the said date occurs with in a year of original date of the wedding. If postponement is less then 6 months to the original date of the wedding 50% of the the remaining balance will needed to be paid on the original  date of wedding but will deducted from outstanding balance of wedding. If no mutually agreeable date  is arrived at  (such as we are already booked) than we we will be unable to photo or video your wedding and we will be unable to refund the booking fee.


Client is responsible for any music copyright fees either charged by the church or added to the USB

Clients must inform Mack photographer and video prior to doing speeches.Also they must inform us if speeches are prior or after the wedding breakfast.

Clients have copyright permission for non commercial use to make limitless prints,albums and use on social media sites they wish.Mack photography and video retain the copyright.

Booking fees  must be paid on-line or if by cash  a confirmation will be sent as confirmation

 We reverse the right to stop photographing and videoing if are staff are being abused or feel threatened.

Balance fees  must be paid on-line or if by cash  a confirmation will be sent as confirmation of payment.

Mack photography and video will only keep photos and video for a short period one the photos have been delivered.

If there is an issue with the photos you should contact me within a 28 day of receiving them.


We ca  not guarantee every photograph  taken will come out.

We also reserve the right to omit photos that we think are not representative of our work


In the   event of photo graphs or video not been taken due to illness, faulty equipment etc  Liability is limited to a full refund

After the photos and video have been delivered to the client.It is the clients responsibility to make back up of photo and video

Mack Photography and video can not be held responsible if the equipment the client plays there video /photos on is not fit for purpose

There will be additional fuel charges of 55p per mile for distances travelled over 20 miles from Oldham 


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